Meet Katherine. A panda loving, adventure-seeking, young lady who has been appointed to be the Queen of Agria,

"Dude. I'm just your average panda-loving otaku. Just chill!"

a faction of people cursed into becoming partly animals. All the while still struggling to find herself, she aims to serve people instead of ruling over them with abusive power.  Katherine's not your average damsel in distress princess though. This girl can really and I mean really fight. Armed with her fierce bear claws, she can and most likely will, cut down anyone who threatens her people.

Although seemingly strong and steely, she's secretly in love with the great inventor, Nathan Osborn, who is also the soon to become president of the Mechanus. 

Kat just wants to live a normal life just like every good Agrian would, but she dreams of uniting the three factions of Discretia. 

She soon realizes that she'll have to make tough decisions that will change the fate of the world as she knows it.


Unlike other sprites, her original sprite in the Discretia Alpha Version was originally made by Neo.

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