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I've always wanted build things that could help people.

Nathan Ernest Osborn is a legacy character who appears all through out the Discretia Game Series. Sometimes even as DEV_NEO. Although a lot of people have been theorizing that DEV_NEO is actually Nathan because of the abbreviation of Nathan Ernest Osborn.

Nathan is well known as the Great Inventor in Machinus, the land of Cyborgs, drones, machines and androids.


Nathan was the son of Wolfe Zammund Osborn and Hana Osborn, two great quantum physicists that lived in Kennsberg. One of the last remaining colonies after the Techno-Machina war. 

Nathan entered Discretia in the hopes of finding a way to restore the human race and prevent it from total destruction. But after years of residence in Machinus, he had forgotten his true purpose.

Soon he was appointed as President of Machinus where he was granted the access to THE SERVER, a super advanced computer that could regulate the environment around Discretia.

He was also given the Mechanus Key which unlocked a highly advanced workshop to built his ingenius inventions. 

Nathan then meets ATHENA the android that protects and maintains the server. Nathan seems to have fallen in love with her, but she continually stresses the fact that she's an android, and therefore she cannot feel true emotions. But deep down ATHENA was actually human before the great curse of Fallacyon.

Liberation of AgriaEdit

Nathan has soon developed his own unique character. And after multiple rejections from other female characters like Jinky Grauline and Caitlin Serval, he is finally dating the recently crowned Queen Katherine. 

But because of a traumatic event that lead to the appearance of the EDEs or as Steven calls it (Extremely Disgusting Entities). Nathan, Steven and Katherine investigate an old Trutium-74 research facility, only to be entrapped. A mysterious character seems to have overriden the server's programming, which enabled blood and gore, all the while bringing al characters into permadeath.

Katherine gets physically stabbed by a Longhand EDE and Nathan panics, he then takes Queen Katherine into an emergency ward where she had been treated with stem cells. A procedure never before tested and  potentially dangerous, as EDE's have the ability to infect every faction in the Discretia..

Fallacy HuntersEdit

Something something. Happened here. Though my brain is still parsing it. :/


Nathan Osborn appears to be an innocent and cheeky character. However he is actually quite intelligent, humble and studious. He believes that life is all about learning and that every mistake is a stepping stone towards success.

He constantly beats himself up because of his idleness, reminding himself that he must not waste a second of his life.

He is an avid inventor, always seeking to outperform his last best invention. And he always thinks about others before himself to the point that he often gets hurt.

He is also secretly in love with Katherine. But in order for him to find out that she is the right girl for him, he had to endure several rejections and heartbreaks.

Thus, his Fallacy mode character is Kardia Ex Machina, which means, Heartless Machine .

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